Winter Hacks That Will Save You Money

Winter Hacks That Will Save You Money

Winter Hacks That Will Save You Money

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Winter is just around the corner, which means you're probably already thinking about everything from buying holiday gifts to paying the heating bill. We at NiceLoans! have your back, and we'll show you how to save money with some of our favorite winter hacks.  

Make Homemade Gifts 
The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year until you check your bank balance. If you have a large group of people, like co-workers or a big extended family, to give gifts to, try making the gifts instead. For example, baking cookies is a great way to make a large quantity of gifts at a low price.  

Stay Home on New Year's Eve 
Many people feel like they need big New Year's Eve plans, even if they don't necessarily want to go out. Staying home is one of the best winter hacks for how to save money on gas and babysitters. There's no need to splurge on a special outfit. You don't have to pay for that rideshare at the end of the night. You could save hundreds by sitting at home with a few friends, a great meal, and a movie marathon.  

Turn the Thermostat Down 
Wondering how to save money on your energy bill? Start by adjusting your thermostat as you may have it set higher than it needs to be. Unless you have children or pets at home, turn it off when you're not at home. It may take a few minutes to warm up when you return home, but you can keep your coat on for a little while. Many people turn their heat off or down at night, and extra blankets will do the trick. Even when you're at home, try turning your thermostat down a degree or two and see how it feels.  

Don't Just Rely on the Heat to Stay Warm 
One of the most common-sense winter hacks is something people often forget: Your heating system isn't the only way to stay warm. Add more layers of clothing when you're inside. Take advantage of that fireplace or space heaters. Open your curtains and shades on sunny days to let the sun warm things up. Also, keep extra blankets in places where you relax. 

Tackle Some Home Improvement Projects
It may be time to tackle some home improvement tasks that improve your energy bill. Fill in any cracks or holes in doors and windows. Insulate your attic. Take advantage of weather stripping, and replace furnace filters. You might be surprised how much these quick projects can help you save.  

Need some extra cash to put these tips into action? We at NiceLoans! offer installment loans you can use to get home improvement projects and holiday shopping done. Apply for safe and secure installment loan today by visiting your nearest location.  If you have any questions about our loan products call our customer support team at 883.308.6423 today!
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