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Shop Smart, Spend Less

Shop Smart, Spend Less

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Winter is almost here, which means it's time to put away those shorts and tees and haul out the coats and sweaters. It might be time to update your winter apparel, too. Maybe you moved to a colder climate, or your old gear is worn or out of style. Maybe the kids have outgrown last year's clothing. Whatever the reason, we at NiceLoans! have tips you can use to save money with smart shopping. 

Stock Up on Secondhand Clothes 
If you're not used to shopping at thrift stores and consignment shops for secondhand clothes, you'll be surprised what you can find. You can discover trendy styles, big-name designers and some really cool clothing items that you won't find anywhere else. Most secondhand clothes in these shops are in great condition, and some are even still new with the tags. Best of all, you'll find them at a fraction of the price you'd pay at any retail store. 

Look to Black Friday for Bargains 
Whether you love Black Friday or dread it, you have to admit it's a great time for finding bargains, especially when you want winter clothes for cheap. Save money by checking out Black Friday deals in advance, and don't forget about Cyber Monday's online bargains, too!

Layer Up 
Don't pack away those summer clothes just yet. If you live in a climate that sees warmer winters, layering is a great way to remain comfortable and stylish without breaking the bank. Wear a light jacket with that sundress or pair it with leggings. Pop a long-sleeve shirt under your T-shirt. For a morning jog, add a pair of tights under your shorts.  

Buy Kids' Winter Apparel in Unisex Styles and Colors
If you have multiple kids of different genders, try to buy winter apparel that won't go out of style. Stick to colors and styles that both boys and girls will love, and avoid busy prints or trendy characters. When your next child is the right age, you'll save money by handing down those gently worn items. 

Host a Clothing Swap 
Another great idea for parents is to get together with other moms and dads in your family or your community and have a clothing swap or group sale. You can even do it virtually on social media websites, and this will help ensure everyone has access to the sizes they need in winter clothes for cheap, or even free.  

Stock Up at the End of the Season 
At the end of the season when stores are putting out their spring and summer items, you can get winter clothes for cheap on the clearance racks. You may be dreaming of bathing suits and flip-flops in February, but go ahead and buy items you know you and your kids can wear next year. That's what we call smart shopping. 

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