How to Save Money on Your Next Grocery Trip

How to Save Money on Your Next Grocery Trip

How to Save Money on Your Next Grocery Trip

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Did you know Americans spend an average of up to $500 or more on groceries every month? Factors such as where you live and your household size influence that amount, but one thing is clear: It’s easy to rack up a surprisingly large bill with every grocery run. If you plan ahead and use a money-saving strategy, you can save a surprising amount. Check out this list of money saving tips designed to help you reduce grocery bills and leave you more funds for saving, paying down debts, and having a little fun. 

Plan Ahead
One of the easiest ways to avoid making impulse buys, which can send your bill skyrocketing, is to make a list and stick to it. Plan ahead by loosely figuring out your meals for the week (or whatever period you’re shopping for) and listing everything you need. Inventory your fridge and your cupboard. Make a list on your phone or on a scrap of paper and bring it with you to get groceries. If something’s not on the list, don’t put it in your cart. 

Shop the Perimeter 
All those inner aisles are home to the budget-busting groceries you’re trying to avoid. It’s among the easiest savings tips to follow. Chips, soda, candy? If you’re trying to save big bucks, you don’t need them. Stick to the perimeter of the store where you’ll find fresh produce, meats, breads, and dairy to easily keep your cart filled with essentials instead of splurges.

Bring Your Calculator 
One of the greatest saving tips is to keep a running tally as you shop. Without it, you’re heading to the register blind. But if you keep adding each purchase to your calculator, you’ll know exactly what you’re spending before you even have a chance to scan your groceries. This is a great way to check yourself and evaluate whether you really need certain items. It might also surprise you and give you wiggle room to add a luxury item or two.

Scope Sales  
Another benefit of the plan ahead model for saving, it gives you the flexibility to plan your meals around the sales in the grocery stores that week. For example, if ground beef and chicken thighs are on sale, make them the star of your table and consider stocking up for the freezer if your budget allows.  

Avoid Eye-Level Items
Grocery stores often place the most expensive items right at eye level. That’s so you see them first and are tempted to grab them and move on. But for savvy shoppers, looking at the shelves above and below can yield some fantastic bargains. 

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