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Online Couponing 101

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These days, when it's time to go shopping, many people head to their computers or mobile devices instead of the local grocery or department store. But did you know you can save money by planning ahead? Before you make your next online shopping trip, take advantage of these tips and tricks from NiceLoans! for using online coupons. 

Search for Promo Codes 
Whether you're looking for new clothing or doing a little holiday shopping, you can save money by using promo codes. These are online coupons featuring five to 10 letters and/or numbers. Promo codes can offer varying benefits, such as a certain percentage off your total purchase, a fixed discount, or free shipping with a minimum purchase. These codes can look random (like FRB469) or feature words (like SHIPFREE35). Promo codes can often be found in a banner across the top of a retail website, or at coupon websites like RetailMeNot.

When using a promo code, make sure it is eligible. Some codes apply to all items on a website, while others exclude certain categories like clearance items or specific brands. It is worth noting that promo codes obtained from coupon websites only work about 35 percent of the time. 

Stack Promo Codes If Possible
Many online stores only let you use one promo code per order, but others allow you to stack them. This means you might receive double savings, like 20 percent off your purchase and free shipping. Check to see how many promo code boxes are available at checkout. If you see only one box, try applying a promo code. If the box pops up again, you may be able to apply another. 

Become an Email Subscriber
One way to get digital coupons from your favorite online shopping establishments is to add your name to their email lists. Some stores will send you coupons immediately for a one-time purchase, and most stores will continue to send special offers periodically throughout the year. These discounts come in especially handy when it's time for holiday shopping. 

Make Use of Browser Extension Apps
To save the most money while engaging in online shopping, remember that there's an app for just about everything. With a free browser extension app like Honey, you might not even have to plan ahead! It does all the work for you by scanning the internet for online coupons and automatically applying them to items in your shopping cart. This app and others like it also allow you to link your store loyalty cards for even more savings. 

While planning ahead and couponing can help you save money when shopping online, you may still need a little extra cash for minor household emergencies, car repair, or holiday shopping this season. An installment loan from NiceLoans! can help. Visit your local NiceLoans! to get started with a loan application today.
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