How to Be Festive at St. Patrick's Day on the Cheap

How to Be Festive at St. Patrick's Day on the Cheap

How to Be Festive at St. Patrick's Day on the Cheap

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St. Patrick's Day rolls around every year on March 17, and it has become a popular secular holiday thanks to its fun Irish theme. Get ready to break out everything green, including shamrocks and leprechauns. Then mix in a few snacks. It's easy to plan some simple crafts or an Irish jig dance-off and turn it into a family party. You can celebrate St. Patrick's Day this yearwhile sticking within your budget usingthese easy and affordable party supply ideas.   

Crafting on a Budget
Some traditional St. Patrick's Day themes include shamrocks and leprechauns, and it's easy to incorporate them into your crafts by making a trip to your local dollar store for affordable party supplies. Having the kids involved in the preparations with a simple craft project is a way to save money while keeping everyone entertained. 

Wearing Green for St. Patrick's Day
Add some traditional St. Patrick's Day color to your holiday with green clothing or green hair dye. If you want to keep it extra simple, then skip the green hair dye and accessorize your clothing with silly green beads and jewelry from the dollar store. It's okay to save money buying St. Patrick's Day jewelry this way because you'll only be wearing it a day or two. You may even want to do some simple crafts before the holiday and make your own accessories to wear with your outfit.

Green Desserts
Want some food to help set the party mood? There are other affordable party supplies you may want to pick up at the dollar store to save money or at the grocery store while you're shopping for St. Patrick's Day party food supplies. Get the ingredients for green gelatin with fruit, iced shamrock-shaped cookies, or cupcakes with a few drops of green food coloring in the icing and green sprinkles. 

Irish Jig Dance-Off
If your family loves music and energetic activities, consider making an Irish jig dance-off part of your St. Patrick's Day celebration. Watch a video of Irish dancers with your children, then turn on some Irish music. Have everyone start out trying the Irish dance steps, and then encourage freestyle dance to the music so everyone can enjoy dancing whether they get the steps right or not. After all, it's about the fun and togetherness – not dancing the perfect Irish jig.

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