Sweet vs. Spooky: 5 Easy Halloween Treats

Sweet vs. Spooky: 5 Easy Halloween Treats

Sweet vs. Spooky: 5 Easy Halloween Treats

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What's the best thing about Halloween? Is it the scary costumes or the exciting parties? Sure, all of those are great, but for many of us, the delicious Halloween treats are the real stars of the show. Whether you're hosting a small party or just having fun with your family, we know that making your own Halloween treats can get expensive quickly, especially when you're following those fancy recipes you find online. 

Skip the costly and difficult snacks, and take a look at some sweet and spooky ideas from us at NiceLoans! Your kids can help with these easy treats, and you can find most of the affordable ingredients for a low cost at the dollar store. 

Cookie Witch Hats 
If you're in a hurry and need low cost, easy treats you can make fast, grab a pack of chocolate sandwich cookies, a pack of chocolate kiss-shaped candy and a container of colorful frosting. Place a drop of the icing on the center of the cookie, and stick the pointy candy on top of it. You'll have witch hats ready to eat in minutes.  

Monster Cookie Pops 
Monster cookie pops are also affordable, easy treats to make, and you can pick up most of the ingredients at your local dollar store. Grab a pack of lollipop sticks, your favorite sandwich cookies, colored candy melts, hard candies and mints. Follow the directions on the candy melts package to melt them. Insert a lollipop stick into each sandwich cookie, and dip each cookie into the melt. Pull it out and place it on wax paper. Use the hard candies and mints to make faces on these fun Halloween treats.

Candy Kabobs 
When it comes to easy treats for Halloween, it doesn't get any quicker than candy kabobs. You don't have to cook or melt anything, and this one is great for younger kids. You'll need skewers, marshmallows and gummy candies. Around Halloween, you can usually find holiday-themed versions of these items at your local grocery, big box, or dollar store for a fairly low cost. Simply slide the candies and marshmallows onto the skewer. Have fun experimenting with cool patterns.  

Mini Monster Pizzas 
If you want to stay healthy and make affordable Halloween treats that aren't too sweet, try making mini pizzas. This is another fun activity for kids. Add pizza sauce and cheese to an English muffin, and use chopped olives, tomatoes, onions and pineapple to make scary faces on top. If you do want a sweet version, then slather peanut butter or chocolate hazelnut spread on your English muffin and make faces out of berries, banana slices and other chopped fruit. 

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays, but that doesn't mean something can't go wrong. Don't let an old fridge spoil your treats, or a broken car keep you from getting to the big party. Instead, consider installment loans from NiceLoans! They're easy to apply for, and approval is fast. Visit your nearest NiceLoans! store location to apply today.
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