Best New Year’s Activities for the Kids

Best New Year’s Activities for the Kids

Best New Year’s Activities for the Kids

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When most people think of New Year's activities, they think of adult parties and celebrations. But not everyone wants to leave the kids at home while ringing in the new year. Whether you want to go out or stay in, we put together a list of ways to have some New Year's family fun.

Camp Out in the Living Room
The best — and safest — way to ring in the new year with your family is to stay home and throw your own "anything goes" celebration. Set up a fort, or camp out in the living room. Eat your favorite snacks, play fun games, listen to your favorite music, and see who can stay up until midnight. You can always watch the ball drop or your own local fireworks on TV and avoid the crowds. 

Enjoy a New Year's Family Movie Night
Another safe and cozy way to enjoy some family fun at home on New Year's Eve is to put together a family movie night. Order some pizza, pop some popcorn, and pick out some family-friendly themed movies. If you need some ideas, try:  
●      A Very Merry Pooh Year 
●      Are We There Yet?
●      Ghostbusters II
●      Happy New Year, Charlie Brown
●      High School Musical 
●      Holiday Inn 
●      Rudolph's Shiny New Year 
Go Ice Skating 
If you're looking for some fun New Year's activities for the first day of the year, find out if there's an ice skating rink in your area. It's the ultimate winter activity, and your family will get a little exercise, which is a great way to start your resolutions for the new year. 

Make Resolutions Together 
While they may not be as exciting as parties, fun games or ice skating, take some time on January 1 to sit down with your kids and set some resolutions. Everyone can pick one goal for the year. Maybe your child wants to make the basketball team or earn all A grades on their report card. You can all make plans to achieve these goals. 

Take a Meal to an Elderly Neighbor or Friend 
Looking for New Year's activities that are all about giving? Make a meal for an elderly neighbor or friend who doesn't have anyone to celebrate with. Let the kids help you cook something tasty and deliver it. 

Take a Family-Friendly Staycation 
Want to go big when it comes to New Year's family fun? Take a staycation at a nearby town! Many places around your town can offer everything from fun games to family-friendly costume parties. 

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