Quick Guide: Affordable Family Fun

Quick Guide: Affordable Family Fun

Quick Guide: Affordable Family Fun

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When warm summer days turn into cooler autumn weather, the affordable family fun doesn't have to end. Grab a sweater and browse through these ideas from NiceLoans! for fun, cheap activities that won't break your budget. These include some craft ideas, pumpkin projects, and even free outdoor activities.

Free Outdoor Activities for Fall
Break out your DIY skills and your craft supplies to try some of these crafty and free outdoor activities. Gather colorful leaves and glue them onto a paper plate to make a cheery wall hanging. For another crafty idea, consider picking up some pine cones and branches, then tie or glue them onto a wire circle to make a fall-themed wreath for your door. 

Cute Pumpkin Projects
Pumpkin projects are a fun addition to any list of cheap activities. Plus, there are ways to adapt these projects for children of varying ages. Some popular options include using paper and paint to paint pictures of fall pumpkins, carving them to make jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, and painting faces on the fruit to make them scary without carving. 

Costumes and Board Games
Game nights are a type of affordable family fun, and you can turn up the excitement by adding costumes. Throw together easy DIY costumes from old clothes, visit a thrift shop to find quirky outfits, or try stitching a costume if you enjoy sewing. Add some creative face makeup for an extra special effect, and be sure to take a few photos. 

Fall Craft Parties 
Fall craft parties offer fun and cheap activities if you have crafting supplies on hand, or make a visit to the craft row at a dollar store. Another tip is to have each guest bring a package of craft supplies to share. Plan to have the children make simple crafts, such as cardboard, hand-shaped turkey puppets on popsicle sticks, but expect to be flexible if someone brings unusual craft supplies. That way, no one feels left out, and everyone can enjoy the fun. 

Fall Picnic With Photo Shoot
If you're searching for cheap ideas on how to spend an autumn afternoon, consider planning a picnic with a short hike and a photo shoot. Pack all your favorite picnic foods. Make sure your phone or camera batteries are fully charged, and let the kids bring a favorite toy or pack a simple outdoor game. Then, take plenty of pictures of everyone having fun outdoors. Everyone gets to enjoy the beauty of the day and the pictures provide a lasting record of the fun.

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